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No one needs to tell you trash cans are dirty. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid them forever. Whether you’re depositing your full trash bags or toting those cans to the curb, you have to touch them eventually. Debris and bacteria that build up in your can may cause more than bad odors, though — they can also make you and your family sick if you aren’t careful.

Instead of just accepting the moldy, scummy, rotting state of your organics, trash and recycling bins, you can now schedule regular cleanings to keep them in better condition. Bin Wash Co.’s trash can cleaning service aims to keep each and every one of your bins hygienic and less likely to carry harmful germs. 

We are environmentally approved and mobile, so our residential cleaning service requires you to do nothing but set those bins at your curb as you normally do for your scheduled waste collection day.


Experience shows that frequent cleaning of trash bins is required to reduce the risk of biological infection from waste containers. For that reason, Bin Wash Co. adopts a routine maintenance approach to our services, ensuring that your home is protected from common hazards such as Salmonella, List, and E-coli.


Using our water system kills 99% of all known germs, fungi and viruses. We comply with all environmental regulations. Bin Wash Co.’s cleaning system is 100% environmentally friendly — our self-contained cleaning unit collects all chemicals and wastewater.  This prevents urban run-off that can cause harm to the stormwater system or environment. 

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Click to see a sample alternating bin cleaning calendar!

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